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Search, download, play mp3 and internet radios


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  • Beta version. Meaning there might be bugs...

Search, download, play mp3 and internet radios

z33k can search, download and play music (mp3) from the huge Dilandau database... It can even manage "playlist-links". z33k can also play internet radios (Shoutcast). Easy to use and as a single small executable, z33k is portable. You can run z33k from a cloud services (Dropbox, Box, SugarSync...) and download/share automatically your downloaded MP3 with your mobile devices.

As far as i know, this kind of software does not exist with all these features. And about features, more are to come... A similar application is SongR which is really great !

Download mp3 music from dilandau. Listening internet radios. Manage & share playlist-link. Run the application it into a cloud service.

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    songr is among the five best application that I use on my comp. does everything what says and mor...   More